jason bagg

Jason Bagg, Editor

Mr Bagg has over 20 years experience in financial services ranging from Capital Markets to Private Equity. Mr Bagg has helped clients build wealth, reduce taxes and plan for retirement. Drawing on his experience, Mr Bagg has spoken on different panels regarding investing and has written numerous due diligence reports and white papers in this area.

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rob m

Rob McLean, Research Analyst and Contributor

Rob loves staying on top of developments in the cannabis sector, and always has his finger on the pulse of real estate markets.

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Veronica Viveiros, Contributor

Veronica has been working with freelance writing clients for over seven years. She has provides writing, coaching and editing services to Capital Market clients. Her educational background in Finance and Journalism has given her a broad base from which to approach The Blunt Investor.

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The Distribu Network Team

The Blunt Investor is part of the Distribu Network that has social media managers, audience acquisition experts and technology gurus to help maintain and run this site and others like it.

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The Blunt Investor - Weed Stocks

The Blunt Investor Team

We leverage a few young minds to help do research, collect and fact check our information to help our writers do the best job possible and provide an accurate level of opinions and thoughts.


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