Canopy Growth Has a New Partner, and Who it is May Surprise You

Canopy Growth announces agreement with a surprising research partner.

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Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX:WEED)(NYSE:CGC), a Canada-based leader in the cannabis industry, announced a new partnership today through its medical product subsidiary. Spectrum Cannabis will work with the Ontario government to study cannabis use by Long-Term Care (LTC) patients.

Looking for better medications for the elderly

Spectrum will partner with the Ontario Long Term Care Association, and together will study the use of medical cannabis for Long Term Care patients. They will have a sample of 500 patients, and aim to confirm cannabis as a viable drug for pain and cognitive issues. After that, cannabis could replace some less desirable opiates.

Helping healthcare workers

It would also look to assist front-line workers with using cannabis therapies. While patients currently ask LTC staff to administer cannabis to residents, they don’t have the authorization or training to offer the drug. This study could change that.

The largest study of its kind

The study would be the largest to investigate the use of cannabis in long-term care. And, families of the elderly nationwide are hopeful. Many have dealt with the problematic side effects of opiate drugs, and await an alternative.

About Spectrum Cannabis

Spectrum meets the needs of patients and medical workers putting cannabis solutions into practice. Their products range from whole flower to oils to soft gels. The company’s goal is to simplify pot use through dosing formats and simplified products.

Marijuana Moves Mainstream

The move by the Ontario government is one of many in pot’s move to the mainstream. As Canada’s largest pharmacy becomes a licensed producer of pot, it won’t be long before pot gets to patients.

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