This Company is Sending 9000 Kilos of Pot to Europe

Supply agreement with Germany’s largest privately owned cannabis distributor confirmed.

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Wayland Group (CSE: WAYL) (OTCQB: MRRCF) – formerly known as Maricann Group Inc. – announced a supply agreement with Cannamedical Pharma GmbH today. Cannamedical is the largest privately-owned cannabis importer and distributer in Germany. Under the arrangement, Wayland Group will supply more than 2,200 pharmacies with 9,000 kilograms of cannabis flowers over 3 years.

Quality control measurements are complete, and the first product shipment leaves for Germany in December of 2018.

Wayland is one of few companies up to EU standards

According to Wayland CEO Ben Ward, “the decision we made in early 2017 to move to EU-GMP standards for all production, followed by certification in the spring of this year by the German Health Authorities, provides the Company with the opportunity to move a significant amount of product. In this case, 9,000 kilograms to Germany.” We’re proud to be one of six companies worldwide out of thousands of cannabis producers who can say we pass the test and exceed EU-GMP standards for dry cannabis flowers.  This agreement will provide meaningful revenue and profit to the Company over the next three years as we build a sustainable business,” said Ward.

European demand continues to rise

“We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Wayland. Being able to meet the exponentially growing demand of our European client base strengthens our position as the largest independent and privately-owned cannabis distributor in Germany. Cannamedical will formally introduce its CannaSativa®, CannaIndica® and Cannahybrid® product lines during next week’s German pain congress in Mannheim, Germany,” stated David Henn, CEO of Cannamedical.

Canadian cannabis companies profiting

Wayland is a marijuana producer and distributor in Burlington, Canada and Munich, Germany. The company will expand its Canadian facilities soon. After the buildout, the company expects a 942,000 sq. ft. footprint. It is one of many cannabis companies pursuing international markets. They join Canopy, Aurora, Tilray, Organigram and The Green Organic Dutchman in making international inroads. Pot companies are hard at work drumming up international investment dollars, export deals and production facilities.

Who is Cannamedical?

Cannamedical is a private German company and was among the first to specialize in efficient pharma distribution and marketing. It supplies a network of 2.200 German pharmacies from their storage facility.

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